Virtual Sports Day

As promised, a video and ideas for sports day have been uploaded onto Seesaw today. Hopefully the sun will return later this week and you can try them out as a family. Have fun!
For ease, information we shared on Seesaw in the form of booklets and new supplements to our policies for Covid-19 have been collated together on one webpage in the Parents section. Diolch yn fawr for your support.

Update re. Items for September

Although we have no further information about plans for schools in Wales, there is important information in the letters below about school uniform and belongings for children returning to Barker’s Lane in September. The first letter is for current Nursery pupils, the second letter is for Reception – Year 5 pupils and the third letter for Y6 pupils.

pdf icon Nursery-Uniform-030720.pdf
pdf icon Rec-Y5-Uniform-030720.pdf
pdf icon Year-6-030720.pdf

Check In, Catch Up and Prepare Sessions

We are looking forward to welcoming our first small groups of children for a ‘check in’ tomorrow. Please remember a showerproof raincoat and water bottle, all labelled with their name if your child is due to come to a session this week.  Looking forward to seeing lots more children and families over the next three weeks.

Back to School

Please find attached a letter with important information about returning to school and distance learning, a lovely book ‘Sammy the Sloth Goes Back to School’ which you may wish to share with your child and a safety warning about removing hand sanitiser from vehicles in hot weather.

We look forward to welcoming children back to school in their group sessions.

pdf icon Challenge-Plans-Check-In-Information-260620.pdf
pdf icon sammy-sloth-goes-back-to-school-.pdf
pdf icon Safety-Alert_Alcohol-Hand-Sanitiser_Vehicle-Fires_240620-1.pdf

Message from the Local Authority about 20th-24th July

Please find a letter below from WCBC regarding a press release on the BBC yesterday about discussions which have been on-going between between Welsh Government and trade unions.
I would like to emphasise as it does in the letter, that this position that schools across Wales have found themselves in is not reflective of individual school staff or individual schools.
We will work with Wraparound Care Club and the LA to support parents who have booked childcare during the week 20th-24th July. Information will follow about this over the next week or so.
Many thanks for your on-going support.

pdf icon All-Parents-Carers-Decision-with-regard-to-4th-week-at-the-end-of-the-summer-term-19-06-20.pdf

Check In Dates

If you have requested a place for a check in for your child, you should receive a text message by 5pm today with dates and times. If you do not receive the message, please email ; PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL BEFORE 5pm. An important email has been sent with further information, a parent booklet and Home-school Agreement. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LOOK AT THE EMAIL ASAP.
Please also note the email contains information about a change to childcare arrangements for keyworkers from Monday.

Check In Dates

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control , we are unable to text check in dates out to you today for Reception to Y6 children as we had thought. We are awaiting some further information and will text these dates to you by Friday at the latest.
A decision has been made by the six North Wales local authorities that Nursery children will NOT be involved in the check in, catch up and prepare sessions. We were unaware of this when we sent our communications to ask for your intentions. We will be in touch with Nursery parents and look forward to catching up with the children in September.
I know you appreciate that this is a fast changing situation and although we have made all our plans, these have to be dynamic and adjusted at short notice. Although this does not help our organisation, it does ensure the safety of all which is paramount.
We have no further information to share at this stage but will be in touch by Friday. Many thanks for your support.

Check In Sessions – How will they work?

Thank you to parents who shared views about what they hope their child gets from a ‘check in’ session and concern that you have. This was invaluable in supporting our planning.
Please find information below about reports, transition and ‘check in’ sessions. The list of questions at the end of the letter are based on our organisational and safety risk management planning.
To ensure that we try our best to have children with at least one of their friends in a session, please inform us by 9am on Monday morning if you do not intend to take up the two consecutive morning sessions for your child, irrespective of which dates they will be on. Many thanks.

pdf icon Check-In-dates-and-reports-160620.pdf