Web pages for home No.2

Another week passes by and amidst the current situation of restrictions to everyday life that have been put in place for our own safety, mother nature continues her job with new growth, blossom on trees and shrubs in bloom. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden or able to go for a daily walk (just the one though), take a moment to look around and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Listening to the birds and just taking a moment for yourself is good for the mind and soul.
To keep yourself and the children going with new activities there is another page of web links here for you which include free digital books on all different subjects (factual and fiction) in a comic strip format, yoga classes for children and adults, a Lego competition from North Wales Fire Service, science experiments courtesy of Techniquest (adult assistance advised) and advice on looking after yourself and family during these times.
Please also note that there is limited telephone service with the school office; please email any queries.
Did you know?……..
Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830’s!
Take care and be safe out there.

Chester Zoo

We can’t visit the zoo at the moment but Chester Zoo are bringing the animals to us. From 10am tomorrow, they will be bringing the Zoo ‘LIVE’ through a virtual tour. More details on the Chester Zoo Facebook page.

Web pages for home

As we all work our way through these unusual times and the daily experiences that we knew have changed so quickly from just last week, our role is to help and look after who we can, where we can and technology will provide some of the tools we require to accomplish these tasks. We have seen how the majority of the population is listening to the advice, guidance and restrictions that are now in place. Regrettably but reasonably we now have to keep a distance from our family members, neighbours, colleagues and friends. This is where technology can assist to help us keep contact with people for business and/or social purposes.
On the World Wide Web there are lots of resources for you to access for free which can help you to educate and/or entertain the family. Organisations and individuals have created resources or given free access to their online content whilst this situation continues as their way of helping you.
On the attached .pdf are a few web links that you may find helpful, educational and/or entertaining.
Take care and keep safe.

Message for Critical Workers

If your child is coming in to school this week, please ask them to bring a book / reading material of their choice in addition to a pencil case if they have one. They may bring a fully changed electronic device for reading. This will only be used for reading throughout the day, not games.

We have tweaked a couple of other arrangements to reduce numbers near entrances. All of the children are to enter through the infant cloakroom. Adults dropping off must remain two metres away from the doorway and from each other. Please do not attempt to hand over items to school staff. The children will go straight in to then wash their hands.

Children are then to be collected at the front door as soon as you are able to do so during the day. Please do not wait until 3pm if you have available care any earlier. 

When coming to and picking up from school, please maintain measures for social distancing, keeping two metres apart from anyone not living in your household.

Many thanks for your support. Stay safe.

Updates from Welsh Government

I’m sure that you will have been as shocked as us to see crowds of people at tourist spots this weekend. Hopefully the latest announcements and guidance from Welsh Government will help people across the country to understand how serious this situation is for the safety of all, particularly the importance of these measures that we all need to take to protect those who are elderly and those with underlying illness. 
Please see latest guidance from Welsh Government about the importance of social distancing to reduce risks to ourselves and others, particularly those that are most vulnerable.
The latest updated guidance for parents who will be using schools / childcare is also below. Please take to the time to read this. Many thanks.

Unbeatable Eva

Amidst everything that happened last week, our fabulous children and generous families managed to raise £165 on Friday to donate to the Unbeatable Eva campaign.
In addition to the donations on the day, we had children who were so keen to help this little girl, that they popped money in our letterbox.
Diolch my fawr iawn.
Stay safe everyone. Look after yourselves and those around you.

Latest Update from Local Authority – Extended List

Within minutes of sending information, we have had further updates. Please see the extended list.
The emphasis is on prioritising care for those where it is absolutely necessary and are eligible according to the criteria.
Finally I would like to thank those parents who have shown patience and support with online communications. There appear to be issues with internet and communications coming through. We are doing our very best to keep you as updated as we can and unfortunately some things are out of our control.
Many thanks for your support.