Check In Dates

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control , we are unable to text check in dates out to you today for Reception to Y6 children as we had thought. We are awaiting some further information and will text these dates to you by Friday at the latest.
A decision has been made by the six North Wales local authorities that Nursery children will NOT be involved in the check in, catch up and prepare sessions. We were unaware of this when we sent our communications to ask for your intentions. We will be in touch with Nursery parents and look forward to catching up with the children in September.
I know you appreciate that this is a fast changing situation and although we have made all our plans, these have to be dynamic and adjusted at short notice. Although this does not help our organisation, it does ensure the safety of all which is paramount.
We have no further information to share at this stage but will be in touch by Friday. Many thanks for your support.