COVID-19 Infection Control Update

As you will be aware, as of yesterday, the latest advice from Public Health Wales is that anyone with a high temperature or a new continuous cough should stay home and self-isolate for seven days. Full information about this is available on
School follows this advice and we also receive regular updates from the Local Authority. Currently schools are open and the advice from Public Health Wales is that pupils should attend as normal or absence would be unauthorised.
As you will appreciate we are regularly contacted by parents about absence with childhood coughs, colds, and other illnesses. We also have children who come to school, a little under the weather, often ‘to see how they go’ which between families and ourselves in partnership, we manage well. However, in light of the current situation and for the safety of other children, staff, other parents and extended family members, we ask that if your child says they are unwell or appears unwell and has a high temperature that the advice from Public Health Wales (PHW) is followed immediately. 
We do recognise that there is also likely to be an increase in adult illness. This is also very likely to impact on your child’s ability to come to school, maybe not because they are ill themselves but due to adult self-isolation and the difficulties / risks involved in sending your child to school from the household. 
We also recognise that some children have underlying illnesses which may leave them more vulnerable, they live with elderly family members or with adults who have underlying health conditions – all making them more vulnerable to this disease.

Over the coming weeks, if vulnrability due to underlying illness or in the event of your child being ill or unable to come to school due to self-isolation reasons within the family, please contact school via the website or by leaving a message on the telephone absence message service with some details before school starts. This enables us to monitor the situation and authorise absence appropriately.
Thank you for all of your support with encouraging your child to follow good hand hygiene and we will continue with this in school.
At present there are no plans for school closures and all schools will remain open. Hopefully this will continue to be the case if measures and directives put in place by the WG are followed by all.
However as a school we are trying to be prepared for all eventualities and ensure we can support all of the children in the best way that we can. We are asking any parents who are not signed up to our free Seesaw App to please do so. A new paper copy of an invitation will be sent home with your child to any families who are not linked today. If you do not receive this, please contact school on Monday and we will re-issue this. 
This will be one of the ways that school can communicate learning materials if this becomes necessary at any later stage.