Enterprise Fair

There is information about our enterprise fair on Monday 4th April in the newsletter emailed today. These are the products that the children have been making. The children can bring monies in on Monday in a labelled purse / container / envelope. Typical amounts sent in the past have ranged between 50p and no more than £5.

The theme has been ‘sustainability and recycling’ in most classes.
Nursery and Reception have made photo ‘cress heads’. 
Year 1 have decorated glass jars which can be multifunctional.
Year 2 have made marshmallow pops and decorated biscuits.
Year 3 have created an environmental Easter egg which can be planted into the ground to watch what grows.
Year 4 have created environmental friendship bracelets.
Year 5 have made corner bookmarks using origami skills – corner pockets and frog hoppers!
Year 6 have created pom-pom keyrings.
There is a photo attached showing all the items with the prices. Older children have done lots of research and asked for consumer feedback.

Posters and adverts will be shared on Seesaw.

Weather permitting we may have products for sale at hometime on the main school yard, if there are any left!