Entrepreneur Fair – Wednesday 3rd April 3-4pm

All of the classes across school will now have begun making plans in their classes for our Entrepreneur’s Fair on Wednesday 3rd April 3-4pm (as stated on electronic calendar not 2nd as paper dates sent home).   Each class have made products which they will be selling for between 50p and £2.50 (please see the picture) Each class business will then use any profits to choose something themselves for their own class.  The fair will be open to pupils only for a short time before 3pm if they would like to purchase anything. Monies can be sent in on Wednesday 3rd April in a an envelope labelled with your child’s name for them to have a look around the class stalls if they so wish. The fair will then be open to parents at 3-4pm. We would be grateful if you could send change in with your child i.e. multiples of 50p or bring change along yourself to the fair as each stall will only have a limited amount of change. The children look forward to showing off their wares!