Health & Safety – Parking

School have received complaints from parents and local residents about unsafe and inconsiderate parking again over the last two days. These relate to issues on Lower Minster, Barkers Lane and Lisburne Grove.
As always, this is a small minority of people who are not considering the safety of the children and families or being respectful of local residents.
You may be aware that the Highway Code has recently been updated. There are clear rules about parking for the safety of all. Amongst other areas, the Highway Code states DO NOT PARK:
  • near a school entrance (this is demarcated with yellow zig-zags outside our school)
  • opposite or within 10m of a junction
  • opposite a traffic island or other parked vehicle if this would cause an obstruction
  • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
  • in front of an entrance to a property
  • on a bend
Please also be aware that although there are exemptions for blue badge holders, safe and responsible parking should still be adhered to. Full details of places that you can and can not park are listed:

Thank you to everyone who reports registration numbers / photographs to the school office. These are passed to Local Policing and the local councillor has contacted traffic enforcement.
Thank you also to the vast majority of our families who despite also being busy and having the same space available, DO park with the safety of the children and consideration for others in mind. Everyone in our school community appreciates this.