Hwb Resources, Google and Security Features

Welsh Government have begun releasing resources through Hwb for children of all ages. They can be accessed on the Hwb Home page by clicking on Distance Learning without logging in or by using this link https://hwb.gov.wales/distance-learning/resources/ Many of these are on our Learning at Home pages in the Pupil section of the school website but new links will be added regularly.
The Parent / Carers section is also updated where there is lots of advice and support https://hwb.gov.wales/distance-learning/distance-learning-tools-through-hwb/parents-and-carers/  If you haven’t already, please have a look at the online safety advice when you get chance. 
Y5&6 children particularly will begin to have more to do in their Google classroom over the next couple of weeks. This is an enclosed space ‘virtual classroom’ where only those who are invited by the class teacher (children and staff) can participate. They can also access their Hwb email, a lovely tool for supporting ‘social development’and life skills. Please keep an eye on the Google settings and links to YouTube. Unfortunately although a fabulous resource, inappropriate content does pop up on YouTube. As stated on our Home Learning pages, if  using YouTube for learning please ensure that this is checked prior to your child accessing it, otherwise please use YouTube Kids. We know that YouTube is popular with many children for a variety of reasons but please be wary of what can pop up in completely innocent searches. More info about Google and YouTube security can be found here https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/9026498?hl=en&ref_topic=9257520
If you have any concerns / require any further support, please contact your child’s teacher through Seesaw. Stay safe.