Important Information – Infection Control

Chickenpox – we have had a number of confirmed cases of chickenpox reported since yesterday afternoon. If you are not aware of the symptoms, chickenpox usually starts with red spots that can appear anywhere on the body. The spots become blisters and may spread or stay in one area. The spots then scab over but more blisters may appear whilst this is happening. Other symptoms can be a high temperature above 38’C, aches and pains, generally feeling unwell and loss of appetite. The NHS advise that chickenpox usually gets better itself within about a week without needing to see a GP. Your child will have been infectious for approximately 48 hours before the onset of any rash which is why it can spread quite quickly in schools / nurseries. However your child will still need to stay away from school until all of the spots have crusted over, this is usually about 5 days after the spots first appeared.
Norovirus – this is a stomach bug that causes vomiting and diarrhoea. The main symptoms are feeling sick, diarrhoea and being sick. Your child may also have a high temperature of 38’C or above, a headache and/or aching arms and legs. Symptoms usually start suddenly within 1-2 days of being infected. It is essential that if your child is poorly with sickness and/or diarrhoea, they are kept off school until 48 hours after the last episode. Unfortunately a number of children have been coming back to school too soon and this then spreads quickly to other pupils and staff.
Many thanks for your support and consideration.
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