Message for Critical Workers

If your child is coming in to school this week, please ask them to bring a book / reading material of their choice in addition to a pencil case if they have one. They may bring a fully changed electronic device for reading. This will only be used for reading throughout the day, not games.

We have tweaked a couple of other arrangements to reduce numbers near entrances. All of the children are to enter through the infant cloakroom. Adults dropping off must remain two metres away from the doorway and from each other. Please do not attempt to hand over items to school staff. The children will go straight in to then wash their hands.

Children are then to be collected at the front door as soon as you are able to do so during the day. Please do not wait until 3pm if you have available care any earlier. 

When coming to and picking up from school, please maintain measures for social distancing, keeping two metres apart from anyone not living in your household.

Many thanks for your support. Stay safe.