Parking around school

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing parking issues on the local roads around school. If you are dropping off or collecting a pupil, please consider where you are parking the car. The local residents have contacted school, the police and the council with regard to inconsiderate parking, whereby their drives have been blocked by cars being parked directly opposite, restricting manoeuvring space. 
There have also been concerns expressed about staggered parking and not enough clearance for ambulances or fire engines to get through on Lower Minster.
Please note that the police do patrol around schools at the start and end of the day. Please be considerate and park carefully.
Thank you.

Donate School Shoes OR Collect Free School Shoes

As the end of the school year approaches and your child has outgrown their shoes, please consider donating them to Wrexham Foodbank. Donation points, times and dates are on the poster.
Parents can collect free second-hand school shoes towards the end of August from Wrexham Foodbank too. Dates and times are on the poster.

Anyone with Covid symptoms should book a PCR test

The information below has been provided to us to help distinguish between when to book a PCR test (if anyone has Covid symptoms) and the difference between the PCR and LFD test.
Children, parents and staff should not come to school and book a PCR test if they have symptoms. 

Anyone with Covid Symptoms should book a PCR test

If anyone, including children, has Covid symptoms they should book a PCR test and they and members of their household should self-isolate until the test result comes through.

You should not use a lateral flow test if you are experiencing Covid symptoms.

If the PCR test comes back negative, there is no need to continue to self-isolate.

If it comes back positive, you will need to continue to self-isolate. You can find out here how long for:

What’s the difference between a PCR Test and a LFD test?

  • PCR test are for those who have Covid symptoms. You can book a PCR test either online or by telephone. (
  • LFD tests are for those who do not have Covid symptoms. It’s a test that looks for presence of Covid-19. It is a rapid test and designed to be used by individuals with no symptoms. The tests are quick and easy to do.

It is really important that you take the correct test especially if Covid symptoms are present.

Here is some questions and answers that you might find useful (link) if you have any questions about which test you or your family should be using.

Dylai unrhyw un gyda Symptomau Covid archebu prawf PCR

Os oes gan unrhyw un, gan gynnwys plant, symptomau Covid, dylent archebu prawf PCR, a dylent hwy ac aelodau o’u haelwyd hunan-ynysu tan i’r canlyniadau prawf gyrraedd.
Ni ddylech ddefnyddio prawf llif unffordd os ydych yn profi symptomau Covid.

Os yw’r prawf PCR yn dod yn ôl yn negyddol, nid oes angen parhau i hunan-ynysu.

Os yw’n dod yn ôl yn bositif, byddwch angen parhau i hunan-ynysu. Gallwch ddod o hyd am faint fydd rhai hunan-ynysu yma:

Beth yw’r gwahaniaeth rhwng Prawf PCR a Phrawf LFD?

  • Mae’r prawf PCR ar gyfer y rhai sydd â symptomau Covid. Gallwch archebu prawf PCR ar-lein neu dros y ffôn. (dolen
  • Mae’r prawf LFD ar gyfer y rhai sydd heb symptomau Covid. Mae’n brawf sydd yn chwilio am bresenoldeb Covid-19. Mae’n brawf sydyn ac mae wedi ei gynllunio i gael ei ddefnyddio gan unigolyn nad oes ganddynt symptomau. Mae’r profion yn hawdd a sydyn.

Mae’n bwysig eich bod yn cymryd y prawf cywir, yn arbennig os oes symptomau Covid yn bresennol.

Dyma rywfaint o atebion i gwestiynau cyffredin a allai fod o fudd (dolen) os ydych chi’n dal yn ansicr ynghylch pa brawf y dylai’r teulu ei ddefnyddio.

Important Health & Safety Information

Thank you for all of your on-going support over these last fifteen months. 
A respectful reminder that if your child or anyone in your household has any of the three most common symptoms of Covid-19 – a fever (feels hot to touch), a continuous cough or a loss/change of taste or smell – your child must not come to school, the whole household should isolate and a PCR test should be booked. WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF THE 30 MINUTE LATERAL FLOW DEVICES OR BEING TOLD ‘WE KNOW THAT IT ISN’T COVID’. Although we empathise with this, we have strict guidelines that we have to follow.
in addition, a new list of wider symptoms was published which we shared before half term. 
  • Flu-like symptoms, which are not caused by known conditions such as hay fever, including any of the following – muscle ache or pain, excessive tiredness, persistent headache, runny or blocked nose, persistent sneezing, sore throat and/or hoarseness, shortness of breath or wheezing
  • Generally feeling unwell and a history of being in contact with a known Covid-19 case
  • Any new or change in symptoms following a previous negative test
Individuals can book a test because of these symptoms but at present are not required to isolate whilst awaiting results. This includes children who can continue to attend school as long as they are well enough to do so. However it is advised to keep them home if you feel that they have an infectious bug, for example.
As the usual policy, children with diarrhoea and / or vomiting should remain off school until they have been symptom free for 48 hours (even if any covid test they may have taken is negative). 
Thank you again for all of your support to help us keep everyone safe and well, and school operations running for the children. It is very much appreciated.

Important Health & Safety – Parking

A number of incidences of unsafe and inconsiderate parking have been reported to school:
  • Cars parking on double yellow lines near the junction.
  • Parents stopping in the middle of the road and letting children jump out of the car.
  • Use of the entrance to the building site as a turning point.
  • Parking across and / or entering the driveways of local residents.
Please can this very small minority of adults, give high priority to the safety of ALL of the children and respect to the property of local residents. The area at drop off and pick up is busy, therefore if this small group of adults could give a little more time and park a little further away – this could be vastly improved.
As posted on 27th May, a letter was issued to schools by the police following complaints and unsafe practices. 

Parking at School

Wrexham Police have released a letter concerning parking at local schools during drop off and pick up times. There has been and will continue to be an increased police presence around schools at these times and, due to a recent incident involving a reversing vehicle at a school, the police will be engaging with any drivers parking inconsiderately or in contravention of the Highway Code.
Please park safely and considerately at any school you may be dropping off and/or picking up from.
Please see the police letter for further details and advice.