Staggered Drop Off & Pick Up Times

Prynhawn da. Please find information about staggered start and finish times for when your child returns to school. Our full booklet will be published tomorrow during the day, however we thought that it might be helpful for you to have times ahead of this. These times apply for your child’s half group session and when they return with their full class. The times have been planned to ensure that any waiting time is reduced to a minimum and that social distancing space on our yard, at entrances and exits is maximised. More details will follow tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing the children soon.

pdf icon Staggered-start-and-pick-up.pdf

Easter Dates 2021 – Amendment

Unfortunately the gremlins have been at work (it has been a busy and strenuous few months) and the Easter Holidays for 2021 have been inadvertently reduced. Please note that on the dates shown in the End of Term July 20 pdf on the previous posting Easter holidays are Monday 29th March to Friday 9th April and a training day on Friday 26th March 2021. 
School closes for Easter on Thursday 25th March afternoon and reopens on Monday 12th April 2021.
Wishing you all the best for the summer holidays.

End of Term & Return Dates

Please see the letter below with information about the end of this term and September. An email was sent on Wednesday with lots of details about the return to school in September. Groups and settling in dates for September were texted to parents last night. All texts are showing on our system as delivered. However if you did not receive a text, please email the school office and we will get the dates to you.
I would also like to thank parents for the many, many kind messages and gifts that staff have received. We are all very touched by your generosity and support. In the difficult times many of us have experienced, those kind messages really have made such a difference. Thank you so much. Mrs Edwards

pdf icon End-of-term-July-20.pdf

September Return to School Plan

Important information about some of our return to school plans for September has been emailed to parents, including settling in dates and full-time return to school information.
If you have more than one child in school and they are in different classes, you will receive an email for each child.

Announcement about September from WG Education Minister

At the end of another lovely week with small groups of children back at school, you may now be aware that Kirsty Williams, Education Minister for Wales made an announcement about the Autumn Term at lunchtime today. The Minister announced that all children will return to school full-time by Monday 14th September, subject to a continued steady decline of the presence of Covid-19 in Welsh communities.
Full operational guidance is being published next week for schools. There is an expectation from WG that social distancing between the children in their class groups will be limited but that mixing between class groups is reduced and adults still follow social distancing regulations. We will be reviewing our risk assessments and complex operational plans following the publication of this guidance to ensure that all pupils can be back in school full-time safely by 14th September at the latest.
At this stage I do not have any other information but we will be in touch towards the end of next week with a return to school date for your child/ren as soon as we have the WG guidance and have reviewed this.
Many thanks for your continued patience and support.

Summer Holiday Childcare

Please find a letter below from the Local Authority about childcare over the Summer Holiday. It clarifies the position of WG with regards to the Summer holiday.  Please also be aware that if you need to book a place in Wraparound Care Holiday Club between 20th July and 21st August that places are now very limited and all bookings will close by 3pm tomorrow. Details of how to do this have been communicated in our last couple of letters. If you need any further information about care over the Summer, you can contact Wrexham Family information Service. Details of how to do this are outlined in the letter from the LA.

pdf icon All-Parents-Carers-schools-not-open-over-the-summer-holidays-09-07-20.pdf