A message from the Children’s Commissioner

Local Authorities have been asked by the Children’s Commissioner to share the following message with the children. The survey makes clear where children can access help if they are affected by any of the topics.
Although the survey is predominantly for children 7-11, there is an accessible section for younger children. They may also want to draw and submit a picture.
This is the message for the children:
People who can make a difference to your life want to hear from you about how life has been like over the last few weeks. The Children’s Commissioner for Wales, the Youth Parliament and Children in Wales have been working with the Welsh Government, to make sure that they hear and listen to what you have to say. All of those people want to make sure they are doing their best for all children and young people in Wales. They want to make sure that they are giving you the information and support you need to feel as happy as possible during this time and afterwards. The survey should take you around 15 minutes. The survey closes on 29 January 2021. Please share your views. The survey is on this link: www.childcomwales.org.uk/coronavirusandme