Newyddion Criw Cymraeg

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Our ‘Gair Yr Wythnos’ – ‘Word of the Week’ is Ble mae…? (Where is…?) This month we will also be practising Ionawr (January). There is now a Criw Cymraeg page on the school website in the Pupils section. We have put a picture of three Apps we are using at school. Amie and Evan our Blwyddyn 6 Criw Cymraeg pupils have reviewed the Apps and here is their low-down on them: Cyw Tiwb – on this app you can watch Welsh programmes from Cyw, S4Cs service for young children. We think the programmes suit age 0-6 years. Programmes include Bing, Fireman Sam, Thomas and Friends and Paw Patrol. Cyfri gyda Cyw – on this app you can practise how to count to 10 in Welsh and read and write numbers and play counting games. We think it’s suitable for age 4+ years. Brawddegau Ail Iaith – this is an app for Junior aged children. You need to click on words in the correct order to make a sentence. You win points for beating the timer and for making correct sentences. We hope you might consider putting these Apps on your devices at home so you can have as much fun using them as we are having at school. Diolch.