The PTA consists of parents and staff who work together to raise funds to provide resources, subsidised transport & admission costs and the extras that benefit the pupils.

We meet regularly to organise events and to get ideas for future fund raising activities. If you are a parent at the school, you are more than welcome to join us at our next meeting.

Committee Members

Chair Colin Jones
Vice Chair Chris Harrison-Edwards
Treasurer Paula Edwards
Secretary Sarah Pidcen
Member Mrs Liz Richardson
Member Mrs Alison West
Member Mrs Nicola Gargan
Member Mrs Debbie Bayley
Member Julia Davies
Member Hayley Jones
Member Claire Manuel
Member Darren Pidcen
Member Carole Jones
Member Ian Edwards
Member Hannah Morrow
Member Esther Davies
Member Nan Pickering
Member Rachel Banks
Member Louise Whitley
Member Marlin Gallanders
Member Jill Gallanders
Member Nan Pickering
Member Simon Pidcen
Member Sophie Price

Further details on the PTA, how to get involved and where the funds are spent can be obtained from the school office.