Dosbarth Tegid

Welcome to Dosbarth Tegid – Derbyn (Reception).

This leaflet will help your family to know a little bit more about your class:

Reception Information Leaflet

We have three topics over the year, ‘Family & Friends’, ‘Up, Up and Away’ and ‘Going Places’.

This is what we will be learning about:

Dosbarth Tegid Overview – Autumn Term 2019


Your teacher will send activities home for you to do from time to time. These may be linked to your reading, writing and numeracy skills.


Reading books are sent home on Thursday and should be returned by Tuesday. We expect you to do a little reading every evening and at the weekend. This does not just have to be  your school reading book, you may like to choose factual books, comics or share another story with your family.


Our class usually have P.E on Tuesday, although sometimes this can change.

No jewellery which includes stud earring must be worn for P.E. If you can not take your own earrings out, please do not wear them on P.E days.

After Christmas, children in Dosbarth Tegid will need a P.E kit which is white shorts, a royal blue T-shirt and pumps / trainers. This is best left each week in your P.E bag on your peg.


School fruit is provided at a cost of £8 per half term or £42 for the whole school year. If your family send in snack for you, please remind them that this must be a piece of washed fruit / vegetables. NO crisps, sweets, chocolate bars, etc for morning snack please.

The menu for school meals is balanced over three weeks to ensure that it is healthy. If you bring a lunchbox,  help your family to pack this with healthy choices.