School Parking Update

North Wales Police (NWP) recently visited school again to monitor the parking situation around the local roads, junctions and the zig zags outside the front entrance. We have been asked by NWP to publish the attached letter to explain the new powers that are being issued to PCSOs with regards to issuing tickets for parking offences and the powers available to WCBC Parking Enforcement Officers.
Additional information regarding zig zags and a list of schools (including Barkers Lane School) where WCBC are putting into place additional enforcement notices, can be found in the Evening Leader article at 
Please, when you are dropping off and/or picking up the children, park legally, with consideration to our neighbours and without causing any obstructions. Please do not block the chicanes at either end of Barkers Lane outside of school (we have seen large vehicles, buses and lorries struggling to get through) nor park on the yellow lines on the junction of Barkers Lane/Lisburne Grove. 
The police and/or WCBC parking enforcement will be visiting local schools unannounced at the start and finish of the day and they will be educating and/or enforcing where necessary. Please park safely and responsibly.
Diolch yn fawr