Web pages for home No. 4

Dear parents, children and friends of the school
We are now reaching the end of week 8 of these current arrangements and we hope that you are all keeping well and managing the situation. The staff enjoy hearing about the children and what they are doing. Hopefully you will find some enjoyable and/or interesting websites from the links we post on the attached pdf sheet. Last week we sent you far a field with the elephants and hippos in Africa and the zoos and aquarium in America; could we travel any further? Sit back, hold tight and head into space as you join NASA and the astronauts. If you want to stay closer to home there are links to cameras showing wild birds, their habitats and nests.
I have found some freebies including water saving devices for the house & garden and also audio books for adults and children to stream – sit back and relax. If you or the children are feeling creative there are art and drawing workshops to enjoy including Disney masterclasses. Competitions, quizzes and prizes are available from The Book Trust and Ty Pawb are looking for creative types to record their lockdown experiences for a new exhibition.
Hopefully there is something there for you to enjoy or just try something new and unknown.
Hope you all have a good weekend and the sun shines for us.

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