Web pages for home

As we all work our way through these unusual times and the daily experiences that we knew have changed so quickly from just last week, our role is to help and look after who we can, where we can and technology will provide some of the tools we require to accomplish these tasks. We have seen how the majority of the population is listening to the advice, guidance and restrictions that are now in place. Regrettably but reasonably we now have to keep a distance from our family members, neighbours, colleagues and friends. This is where technology can assist to help us keep contact with people for business and/or social purposes.
On the World Wide Web there are lots of resources for you to access for free which can help you to educate and/or entertain the family. Organisations and individuals have created resources or given free access to their online content whilst this situation continues as their way of helping you.
On the attached .pdf are a few web links that you may find helpful, educational and/or entertaining.
Take care and keep safe.