Inclement Weather – Monday

Parts of the school site still have snow cover so please take care. Please keep to treated pathways within the school grounds. The back gate and small gate by Y2 are now open. Water pipes in Club have now defrosted so we are hoping all back to normal. Thank you for your support.

Hometime Arrangements

School remains open, however with more snow forecast this afternoon and to stagger hometime arrangements at the front door we are happy to release the children early. Please ring ahead if you would like to pick up early and the children will be ready. Many thanks for all of your support this week, have an enjoyable weekend.  

Snow & Ice Update

School will be open this morning. All pupils to enter through MAIN DOOR including before school club and keep to the treated pathway. We are likely to have reduced staff cover therefore may have to offer a limited curriculum. Please take great care if you do take the decision to bring your child to school, footpaths are very icy. Please make your own risk assessment, and if you decide not to send your child to school, please just let us know by email to enable us to authorise this. PLEASE LOOK OUT DURING THE DAY FOR UPDATES AS FORECAST IS CHANGEABLE. Many thanks.      

Inclement Weather Update

Looking ahead to tomorrow, if the heavy snow forecast for most of the night does fall combined with the very icy conditions, I’m sure that you will have already anticipated that it is likely that school could be closed due to inadequate staff cover. Please check for an update and final decision which will be made before 7am in the morning. If we are able to open, please do not rush to get to school or take any unnecessary risks. Keep warm and keep safe. Thank you for all of your support with arrangements we have put in place this week, it has been very much appreciated.

FW: Inclement Weather -Thur 1st March

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus. Same arrangements this morning. Please take care and keep to designated pathways within the school site. All pupils and parents to enter through the middle gate and use the ramp please. The back gate and small gate by Y2 will remain closed. Please check the school app / web news / WCBC website throughout the day as any updates if conditions change will be posted.