You can get help, advice and support from adults you know, the e-Sergents or from CEOP.

Our e-Sergents at Barker’s Lane work hard to provide information about staying safe online.

A lot of our lives these days are spent online. We use the internet to look up information for school projects and at home to talk to our friends. It also makes parents’ lives easier – they can pay bills, shop online and find out when there are any traffic delays.

You can also be creative online with blogs, music and sharing talents.

A survey recently said that people spend more time online than sleeping!

SAFE – Remember not to give personal information away online. Only use nicknames as usernames, never your full name.

MEET – Remember never to meet up with people that you meet online. They are STRANGERS.

ACCEPTING – Be careful when accepting files from strangers; they may contain viruses or things thay may make us feel uncomfortable or worried.

RELIABLE – Remember not everything that you read online is reliable or trustworthy. You should always check different websites to make sure that what you are reading is correct.

TELL – Remember to tell an adult you trust if anything worries or upsets you online. This can be parents and teachers.

More Information

The links below will also help you find out information about staying safe online, how to make reports and most offer your views: