Good Behaviour

At Barker’s Lane Community School we expect each child to be well behaved, have respect for themselves, others and property. All involved with the school actively promote developing positive relationships and a safe, secure, happy environment. We encourage the children to take on responsibilities within their own class and the whole school. They have opportunities to become a School Councillor, Digital Leader or an Eco-Committee member. Also children are encouraged to aspire to the roles of Buddies and House Captains.

We have ‘golden rules’ which are to help children become positive and valued members of society both in school and the wider community.

Our ‘Golden Rules’ are:

  • Be ready
  • Be respectful
  • Keep everyone safe

We consistently use positive recognition to reward and encourage children. Staff use a variety of rewards and strategies including stars, stickers, dojo points,  ‘Seren yr Wythnos’ (star of the week), etc. We also have a ‘House System’ in place where Junior children can earn dojo points for their house – Alyn, Brenig, Clwyd and Dee. Weekly totals are shared, adding an element of team spirit and competition.

At Barker’s Lane we have a policy with a clear hierarchy of consequences when children choose to break the golden rules. All children are aware of the rewards and consequences. We have ‘treat time’ each day whereby children who keep to the rules, as a class can participate in an activity that they have chosen, e.g. fun maths games, class story, PSE parachute activities, physical activity outdoors.

Warnings are given for breaking the rules, a first warning ‘a green leaf” is a reminder to follow the rules. If the behaviour continues a second warning is given ‘an amber leaf”. At this point, making the right choice about continued behaviour is crucial as the children always have an opportunity to improve, follow the rules and choose behaviour that is appropriate.

Occasionally behaviour does not improve, another rule is broken and ‘a red leaf’ is necessary. This results in loss of treat time on that particular day.

Working in Partnership
We believe working in partnership with parents / carers so that children receive consistent messages about good behaviour at home and school, is essential. We place much value on developing supportive relationships, regular discussion keeps parents and school informed and helps maintain positive attitudes to learning and behaviour. Occasionally the need may arise where either you or the school have concerns about your child’s behaviour. Discussions with the class teacher / Headteacher are always supportive and based on strategies to help your child and others in the class – difficulties with behaviour impact on your own child’s learning / well-being and that of others.

Anti-bullying Guidance
The children are well aware that bullying of any form is not tolerated, and are fully involved in ensuring that we support each other as a family and as a team. The following is a link to WCBC Anti-Bullying Guidance for pupils and parents.

Further information can be found in our Good Behaviour leaflet on the documents page.

Guidance for Pupils

Guidance for Parents