Pupil Development Grant

The purpose of the Pupil Development Grant is to improve educational attainment of pupils from low income families and who are entitled to free school meals (eFSM). School are expected to maximise the use of this funding by introducing sustainable strategies which will quickly lead to improved outcomes for pupils entitled to free school meals.

As a school, we want to learn from the best practice in Wales and beyond by:
– planning interventions that focus on improving the attainment of pupils from deprived backgrounds, regularly monitoring pupils’ progress and evaluating the impact of the intervention;
– integrating plans for the effective use of the PDG into the School Improvement Plan, basing our practice on sound evidence and including them as part of a whole school strategy;
– balancing whole school strategies with targeted interventions to ensure that all learners entitled to free school meals benefit as individuals, whilst the whole school develops its ability to support every learner to achieve their full potential.

Each school in Wales is allocated a sum of money the ‘Pupil Development Grant (PDG)’ based on the number of pupils who are entitled to free school meals (eFSM) or are Looked After Children (LAC). In 2017-18 was allocated £15,050.

The grant is to be utilised to overcome any additional barriers that learners from disadvantaged backgrounds face which may prevent them from attaining as well as their peers.

Each school is required to publish how this grant is utilised as part of the School Improvement Plan on sustainable interventions to improve the attainment of children who may be disadvantaged due to family financial circumstances or background.

At Barker’s Lane our allocation in 2017-18 was used to:

  • Support for two members of staff to work with vulnerable learners ensuring the have an increased opportunity to reach their potential.
  • Sustain the implementation of school readiness programmes and parental workshops to encourage parental engagement from an early age.

For 2018-19, Barker’s Lane has been allocated £14,050 which will be used to:

  • Continue to fund for two members of staff to work with vulnerable learners ensuring the have an increased opportunity to access support for emotional literacy, literacy and numeracy.
  • Sustain further support programmes for school readiness and parental workshops.

At Barker’s Lane we have high expectations for all our pupils and aim to ensure that the necessary support is focused on individual needs of each and every child.

It is not appropriate for the school to publish a detailed plan as it could identify individual pupils.

All parents can be reassured that all children are treated fairly and equally at Barker’s Lane and that all information in relation to the PDG is treated with discretion and confidentiality.