Wrap-around Care

Booking & Payment Notice Form

All staff at Barkers Lane place much emphasis on care, support and guidance. We have ‘Before and After School’ club, Free Breakfast Club and Nursery Plus provision amounting to ‘wrap-around care’ facilities from 7.45am-5.30pm if you require this. We also have Holiday Club at various times throughout the year. All pupils must be registered to use the services available; forms available from the school office or Club.

All ‘wrap-around care’ is managed by Miss Claire Robinson in our Canolfan Brenda Price. The centre, a bespoke building opened in January 2009, is named in memory of Mrs Price who was our Vice Chair of Governors and Community Councillor.

Payment for the services offered can be made by cash, cheque, voucher or direct payment through the Wrexham online payment system. Please contact the office for your childlren unique payment number if you have lost it and wish to pay electronically. If you pay directly by voucher, please use the name or surname of your childlren on the reference cell and also complete the notification form adjacent and submit it to allow us to keep your account up to date as it can be up to a month before we receive confirmation of payment from the voucher suppliers or the bank.

If you cannot see the Payment Form on the right please email Club with payment details (name, amounts, date paid, how paid – Wrexham online payment system or voucher name and for which service – Before School, After School, Nursery Plus or any combination).

If you require any further information about our wrap around care please ring the school office on 01978 357754 email or use the for on the contact tab.

Bookings for all the Wrap Around Care Clubs must be made in advance using the booking for here (pdf) or here (doc) or using the submission for on the right

Nursery Plus

Nursery age children can attend Nursery Plus from 11.25am to 3.00pm. Children are collected from the Nursery Class, have a school meal and then participate in a variety of activities based on the Foundation Phase curiculum. This is a lovely opportunity for the children to settle in to a routine of full-time school.

Nursery Plus was inspected in September 2013 and most recently in June 2016 receiving a glowing report each time, highlighting the quality of the provision. Please dick on the link to read the report

Please see Miss Robinson or Mr Hill for more details or telephone us on

01978 357754 / 07722072032 / 07999403044.

Before & After School Club

Club is open from 7.45-8.15am before school, 8.15 – 8.55am Free Breakfast (doors close at 8.30am) and 3.00-5.30pm after school. Staff plan an exciting range of activities for the children as well as providing facilities to allow children to develop their own play or relax. We try to use the outdoors as much as possible and organise special events – the visitor from the museum is always very popular!

Inspection Report

After School Club was inspected in March 2016 and received a very good report highlighting the quality of activities the children have opportunity to participate in. Please click on the link to read the report

Booking & Payment Notice Form