School Categorisation

Welsh Government place schools in colour-coded categories to help schools receive the best support and guidance to secure the best outcomes for pupils.

Barker’s Lane is proud to have been evaluated as a GREEN school again in January 2016. There are four categories:

  • GREEN – Highly effective schools
  • YELLOW – Effective schools
  • AMBER – Schools in need of improvement
  • RED – Schools in need of greatest improvement

Evaluations are based on:

  • School performance data
  • A self-evaluation by the school on its capacity to improve based on teaching, learning and leadership
  • An assessment of the school’s self evaluation by external challenge advisers.

For more information about school categorisation, click on the links below:


More information about primary schools is available on ‘My Local School’, a WG website designed to open up access to school data for parents. Click on the link below: